[Greasemonkey] Re: Still can't uninstall GM

J G buygamescheap at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 2 10:35:27 EDT 2005

I finally got Greasemonkey uninstalled. I had to
remove all references to GM and its ID from
chrome.rdf, extensions.rdf, prefs.js, and
chrome/overlayinfo/browser/content/overlays.rdf. Only
then was I able to delete the GM folder from the
extensions directory without crippling Firefox.

There were many pitfalls along the way, but it was a
learning experience. Thanks for the help. To anyone
else encountering this problem, I recommend making a
backup copy of each of the above-mentioned files
before editing them. It quickly becomes difficult to
remember what changes you made.

Also, bear in mind that sometimes, if you delete or
modify a file in such a way that Firefox can't start
properly, you may have to manually kill the firefox
process. Otherwise, even after you restore the
modified/deleted files, Firefox won't start up. Good

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