[Greasemonkey] GreaseMonkey does not work

Guess Who am I shiftcode at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 2 08:28:33 EDT 2005

On 8/1/05, Guess Who am I <shiftcode at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Note to webmasters : PLEASE
>INCLUDE A RELEASE NOTE SECTION. Bug report and blog sections are not
>covering this topic.

Note to users: Please look at the dev web site, where the release
notes are linked on the right side.

>0.3.5 works fine on my professional laptop

I'd be very surprised if 0.3.5 is successfully calling GM_log. :-/
--> Grease Monkey DOES work on my laptop. Grease Monkey DOES NOT WORK AT ALL 
on my home computer. My user script TestGreaseMonkey does not work on 0.3.5, 
it is evident.

When you disable a function, you are urged to make a real explanation in the 
Firefox log, not the dummy "GM_log" is not a function. Remember that users 
may download updates from the Firefox update manager and skip the release 
notes, not really trivial to find (it is better when downloads and release 
notes are in different sections. Find me for example the page who can answer 
to that question, and how to access from the main page : "what was new in 
the 0.3.3 version?" For the now, it is impossible. What if GM* functions 
disapears definitely from 0.3.5 version and that version for example and the 
0.3.5 version is not available anymore?).

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