[Greasemonkey] GreaseMonkey does not work

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Tue Aug 2 07:18:25 EDT 2005

No, greasemonkey changed
  --> My problem is still here, it is what I wanted to say.

1) Get rid of any GM_* functions ... they were removed in 0.3.5 due to 
security concerns - but that'll break a lot of scripts!!
  --> I suspected a bit that this function may disapear, so I've been 
searching that information into release notes on the greasemonkey project 
website, and did not found that information. Note to webmasters : PLEASE 
INCLUDE A RELEASE NOTE SECTION. Bug report and blog sections are not 
covering this topic.
2) install gm 0.5 (pre-alpha?) from this mailing list
--> The 0.5 beta is released, but I am not a Firefox pulgins developper, I 
am an end-user of GreaseMonkey. Ok, I will try this and submit bug if I 
found one.
3) find 0.3.3 and install it and live with the overhyped risk
--> that's a bad idea, I think. 0.3.5 works fine on my professional laptop 
(Firefox 1.0.4 under win 2000), and does not work on my home PC (Firefox 
1.0.6 under win XP). Contacting GreaseMonkey mailing list let me the hope to 
have better (technical?) answers.

I install 0.5 version and keep you informed.

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