[Greasemonkey] us.o ideas, gm UI ideas and my own script

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Mon Aug 1 14:45:02 EDT 2005

chris feldmann wrote:

> On 8/1/05, *Sam Ooi* <samuelooi at gmail.com
> <mailto:samuelooi at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi all, this is a 3 part email:
>     1. US.O ideas
>     Just a simple point really - I suppose the best example of what US.O
>     is trying to achieve is Mozilla Update. A script repository with
>     reviews, ratings, script submissions (and perhaps a revision system).
>     However, the key benefits of collecting scripts in one place (aside
>     from a serach function), is some sort of ranking, e.g. Top 20 scripts
>     downloaded/viewed/recently revised/new/.
>     If the powers that be don't implement a ratings system (which has
>     shown to be abusable as in Moz Update), then how do we start counting
>     the downloads? I mean, I'm sure nobody wants to lose the
>     right-click/install script ability.
>     2. GM user-interface ideas
>     I'm a keen proponent of getting -rid- of the monkey face on the
>     status
>     bar. In its current implementation, it doesn't add much to the whole
>     GM experience and the from discussions here, the various proposed
>     monkey faces would be really useful to a developer, not a user. In
>     0.5.0, I'd like to see an option to get rid of the monkey face from
>     the status bar. Failing that, an idea might be to have the monkey
>     face as a Button on the navigation bar, that way you'd still be able
>     to get rid of it via Customise/Toolbars.
> But it's so cute! What sort of tiny cute animal face would you prefer?
> An aardvark? A platypus? Piffle.
> Hmmm... can a greasemonkey script get access to the statusbar chrome
> and eliminate its own icon? Never tried, but I'd hope the answer is "no."

Definitely a "no."

Once we add the bits needed to make themes sane, it should be easy to
set the monkey to "display: none" if you don't want it. We don't have a
place for general GM preferences (yet?), so we can't add an
option/preference easily. Bleh.


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