[Greasemonkey] us.o ideas, gm UI ideas and my own script

Jesse Andrews anotherjesse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 14:31:42 EDT 2005

> Hi all, this is a 3 part email:
> 1. US.O ideas
> Just a simple point really - I suppose the best example of what US.O
> is trying to achieve is Mozilla Update.  A script repository with
> reviews, ratings, script submissions (and perhaps a revision system).
> However, the key benefits of collecting scripts in one place (aside
> from a serach function), is some sort of ranking, e.g. Top 20 scripts
> downloaded/viewed/recently revised/new/.

We kinda have that.  It should be expanded.

> If the powers that be don't implement a ratings system (which has
> shown to be abusable as in Moz Update), then how do we start counting
> the downloads?  I mean, I'm sure nobody wants to lose the
> right-click/install script ability.

GMed is already tracking downloads.  We haven't exposed those values
yet, but it can be.  That was one of the reasons we decided to make
the install links point to our host.  (along with the fact that
outside servers can be unreliable, and as we start to impliment
trustworthyness we don't want a script being marked as trustworthy,
then being updated to have evil code)


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