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Jesse Andrews anotherjesse at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 14:27:38 EDT 2005

I'll add the code to GMed to look for @license tag.  

I haven't dove into the us.o, so I am not sure how trust is assigned. 
(for the purposes of marking script benign)  Is it just a boolean
column where you set a users as a moderator (and track who marked a
script as benign)?


On 8/1/05, Aaron Boodman <zboogs at gmail.com> wrote:
> > @license BSD
> > or
> > @license GPL
> >
> > Or perhaps we should request that all scripts in the repository are
> > licensed gpl or bsd?
> This is the first compelling argument I have heard for a new metadata
> item. Userscript.org could use the value of the license tag (one of an
> enumerated list of known values) to determine which UI (if any) to
> show for editing/branching.
> Legally, I think (but I'm no lawyer) that you cannot copy someone's
> work unless it is specifically licensed to allow you to, right? So
> perhaps the policy is:
> * No UI for editing/branching without a license tag
> * If there is a license tag and it is equal to a license which allows
> modification and redistribution, then the edit UI appears.
> * The system will always maintain attribution -- possibly even
> prepended to the userscript source -- automatically, so we don't need
> to worry about licenses which require original attribution vs those
> that don't.
> * The UI which allows users to add brand new scripts specifically
> looks for a @license tag. If it doesn't see one, it warns them that
> this will mean the script is not editable and prompts them to provide
> one.
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