[Greasemonkey] us.o ideas, gm UI ideas and my own script

Sam Ooi samuelooi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 19:24:27 EDT 2005

Hi all, this is a 3 part email:

1. US.O ideas
Just a simple point really - I suppose the best example of what US.O
is trying to achieve is Mozilla Update.  A script repository with
reviews, ratings, script submissions (and perhaps a revision system). 
However, the key benefits of collecting scripts in one place (aside
from a serach function), is some sort of ranking, e.g. Top 20 scripts
downloaded/viewed/recently revised/new/.

If the powers that be don't implement a ratings system (which has
shown to be abusable as in Moz Update), then how do we start counting
the downloads?  I mean, I'm sure nobody wants to lose the
right-click/install script ability.

2.  GM user-interface ideas
I'm a keen proponent of getting -rid- of the monkey face on the status
bar.  In its current implementation, it doesn't add much to the whole
GM experience and the from discussions here, the various proposed
monkey faces would be really useful to a developer, not a user.  In
0.5.0, I'd like to see an option to get rid of the monkey face from
the status bar.  Failing that, an idea might be to have the monkey
face as a Button on the navigation bar, that way you'd still be able
to get rid of it via Customise/Toolbars.

3.  My own script

Just a collection of print-friendly redirect scripts, amalgamated into
a single script.  I just updated it recently to v2.0 so that you can
customize the sites you want included.  Also, there's better wiki


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