[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkeyed.com, userscript.org, forums, source code, and the future of our community

Nikolas Coukouma lists at atrus.org
Mon Aug 1 11:45:22 EDT 2005

Jeremy Dunck wrote:

>On 8/1/05, Jason Schramm <jason.schramm at gmail.com> wrote:
>>What's the status of userscripts.org? I would help out if there is
>>something there to help. 
>Simon did a bunch of work on it, but it had a couple pieces still
>missing.  Then GM'd.com went live, and after talking with Britt and
>Jesse a bit, Simon and I agreed to contribute to their codebase as
>opposed to having another directory site.   They agreed that we should
>support more than just GM, and wanted to use the userscript.org domain
>name-- the current GM'd.com domain would just forward to us.o.
>Last I heard, we just needed to get public svn set up so we could contribute.  
>Jesse, what's up?  :)
I'll note that dev.userscript.org is sitting around still, if anyone
cares to use the trac and subversion sitting there. If the copy I set up
isn't going to be used, I should at least point DNS to whatever the
actual dev site is (I have the singular/plural and net/com typos).


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