[Greasemonkey] find_feeds.user.js - version 0.9

Jeff Barr jeff at vertexdev.com
Mon Aug 1 08:03:12 EDT 2005

Hi Phil,

Great ideas. I just rolled out version 0.9.2 of the script:


It adds an "Ignore" button to the UI. If you press it, you
won't be prompted to suggest the URLs on the page anymore.

By the way, generic GM question. I am persisting the list
of URLs to be ignored as a single GM_setValue call right
now. How long can such a value be?

I will address the license issue soon.


Phil Ringnalda wrote:
> Jeff Barr wrote:
>> Here is my first attempt at a GM script:
>> http://www.syndic8.com/find_feeds.user.js
>> This is somewhat special purpose. Basically, it scans each
>> page looking for the link tags which denote an RSS or Atom
>> feed. When it finds some, it checks in with Syndic8.com to
>> see if the feeds are already in the Syndic8 database.
> Sweet. No license? I need to do something similar, to test variations on 
> Firefox's overly-lax autodiscovery, but I'm too lazy to start things 
> from scratch.
>> If they are in the database, nothing further happens. If
>> they are not in the database, a small popup informs the
>> user that new feeds are present, and offers to Suggest
>> them to the Syndic8 database.
> Could filter-feeds.php maybe do a tiny bit *more* user tracking? As it 
> is, I go to http://blogs.msdn.com/rssteam/ and find that the RSS and 
> Atom feeds aren't found, I try to suggest them both, but the Atom feed 
> is rejected, then when I check the comments on the first post I'm told 
> the Atom feed hasn't been suggested, and when I check the comments on 
> the second post, I'm told the Atom feed hasn't been suggested...
> Or, I go somewhere that I don't want to suggest feeds at all, and on 
> every page I'm told again.... I could add exclude URLs every time you 
> keep nagging me, but eventually I'll realize that just disabling you 
> would be simpler. Can you afford to keep a per-IP log of already-seen 
> URLs, for thirty minutes or so?
> Phil Ringnalda
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