[Greasemonkey] GreaseMonkey does not work

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Mon Aug 1 09:08:31 EDT 2005


Since the last GreaseMonkey update (update to 0.3.5), GreaseMonkey does not 
work. This very basic test script gives an error:
============ SCRIPT BEGGINNING ==============

// ==UserScript==
// @name          TestGreaseMonkey
// @namespace     http://mdelamare.free.fr
// @description	  Check GreaseMonkey
// @include       http://*
// ==/UserScript==

GM_log("GreaseMonkey works on " + document.location);

============ END OF SCRIPT ==============

The error is :

Error: GM_log is not a function
Source File : http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/
Ligne : 14

What I done to repair :
Update Firefox from version 1.0.4 to 1.0.6
Uninstall GreaseMonkey (+ close Firefox + verify that GreaseMonkey is no 
more present in the Firefox plugins list)
Suppress the {e4a8a97b-f2ed-450b-b12d-ee082ba24781}/greasemonkey folder
Re-install greasemonkey from http://atrus.org/hosted/greasemonkey-0.3.5.xpi
restart Firefox
Re-install my basic script

==> Nothing changed, GreaseMonkey does not work anymore.
What should I do to make it work?

Thank you for your answers. PS : It lacks a FAQ section on your website.

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