[Greasemonkey] Greasemonkeyed.com, userscript.org, forums, source code, and the future of our community

Mark Rickerby coretxt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 18:46:46 EDT 2005

A distributed version control repository, managed through a web
interface, with discussion threading, visual diff capability, and no
doubt searchable, and taggable as well.

Are you sure that's a rather small nit?

Actually, I think you're onto something very significant here, in
terms of community process and entropy.

One of the themes from the initial userscript.org brainstorms was the
idea of ratings and distributed trust. This seems like a fascinating
idea from an experimental information architecture/social design
perspective, but it perhaps doesn't really emphasise the organic
possibilities of collaboration. I'd like to know how the ideas mesh
together. I guess, being able to aggregate as much as possible about
an avatar/identity, but focusing on that as additional flavour, rather
than the base substance of the mix.

What made me jump here was the idea of explicitly organizing around
the axis of script/time, rather than author/script...

I really like the idea of the checkbox: "Allow fixes for this script"...

The branching could become pretty chaotic from a UI perspective
though, or could be needlessly complex in the case of smaller tweaks
and changes. I also wonder about the idea of organizing around
"patterns" or "clusters", where an initial design pattern that works
gets picked up and used by a bunch of other scripts... This
evolutionary pathway isn't quite as structured as the branching you'd
find in a CVS or Subversion repository - maybe patterns are more
similar to drum loops, that get snatched off a record by one producer,
only to be remixed and perpetuated on countless other records, at
different tempos, and with different harmonics/melodies each time.
Only in this case, the code does have a more direct connection to the
formative source (neither NWA nor the legions of junglists had any
connection or any relationship to The Winstons, so maybe thats not
such a good example).

Just some more food for thought anyway... I couldn't not respond to
such a subject line ;)


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