[FirePuddle] FW: [rsdiscuss] FoxTorrent Beta Challenge! (and multi-file support, yo)

Travis Kalanick travis at redswoosh.net
Mon Apr 2 11:07:30 PDT 2007

Hey all, 


I haven't seen any activity on Firepuddle recently, and it looks like Mozdev
is listing firepuddle as an "abandoned" project.


Anyways, me and my guys at redswoosh have given a bittorrent-firefox
extension a shot (development pages hosted on Google Code) and are getting
ready for release.


Before getting ahead of ourselves, I want to note that there are still
issues that we're working out-mainly CPU/memory utilization in firefox in
our web UI-we hope to have that worked out in a couple of days.


So we wanted to provide a beta preview to the mozdev community and hope to
get your unforgiving feedback and critique on our product and remaining
issues prior to our public release (expected very shortly). 


Please take a look at the thread below, and at our preview site
http://foxtorrent.com/test . . . use username beta at foxtorrent.com . . .
development pages and related stuff hosted on Google Code.







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So chances are, you signed up on this list because you want to be the first
into the action, to be on the front line for new tech and to lead the
charge.  Am I right?  Think you've got what it takes?  If so, it's time to
prove your mettle and step up to the FoxTorrent Beta Challenge!


What You Do

Using FireFox (duh), visit http://foxtorrent.com/test and complete the
instructions there.  The page randomly selects from one of many test cases
(and one of many sub-variations), and provides step-by-step instructions on
what to do.  A typical test case might include downloading a small torrent,
installing and uninstalling the application, killing the process and seeing
what happens, etc.  When done, simply refresh the page and you'll be
assigned a new random test.


What You Get

This week only, we are proud to offer you eternal glory in the form of
membership into the official "Beta Testers List" of FoxTorrent, forever
immortalized in the user documentation.  This is an opportunity not to be
missed, to gain recognition that when your nation called, you responded with
your time, energy, and blood.  I can't guarantee it'll get you the chicks,
but it just might help.


Why Now?

As Tom reveals on the new FoxTorrent blog <http://foxtorrent.wordpress.com/>
, we've proudly released multi-file BitTorrent support!  That rounds out the
basic FoxTorrent featureset for 1.0, with streaming, Swoosh-accelerated
downloads of torrents big and small.  That's not to say we're done - we've
got a long, long list of improvements planned and in the works (with
CPU/memory optimizations topping the list).  But rather than working in
vacuum, we want to hear it from you: the good, the bad, and especially the


So today is Sunday(ish).  We hope to do a much larger launch in the very
near future (maybe even with a Mac port.), so if you can take a look and
send in your responses today, tomorrow, or in the next very few days, that
would be most valuable.  We'll continue to insert more tests into the pool
throughout the upcoming days, so the more tests you complete, the more lauds
we will heap upon your name. 


Thank ya kindly for your help, and we eagerly look forward to your early and
valuable feedback.




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