[Fasterfox] Bug Report (RT 2.0.15 & FasterFox 0.7.9)

Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
Thu Nov 3 16:52:12 EST 2005

Hi Jason,

Thanks for taking the time to make a detailed report of this bug.  This
problem is probably caused due to Fasterfox attempting to prefetch the
"logout" link.

Fasterfox is programmed to only prefetch static pages such as those which
end in .htm, .html, .gif, .jpg, etc.  This causes most dynamic pages such as
logout links to be ignored because they usually have a dynamic extension
such as .asp, .jsp, .php, no extension at all, etc.  More info:

However, although this practice is avoided by most web developers, it is
possible that RT's logout link is called something like log_out.htm that
looks benign to Fasterfox.  

There are a couple of potential solutions:

1. If you could copy/paste the hyperlink of the logout button, I could
hardcode it to be ignored and release a minor update within a couple days.
2. I am working on a user customizable "whitelist" feature to list sites
that should not be prefetched; RT could be a default on this list.  This
feature probably will not be available for about a month.

Thanks again for your help,

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This just might be a limitation issue, but wanted to bring it to your 

If you use Firefox (1.5rc1) and the FasterFox extension (which does some 
speed optimizations), RT can't handle maintaining the session.  After 
you login, it will continue to ask you to login as you move around in RT.

This behavior stops when I dial FasterFox down to the "Courteous" setting.

It might be related to pre-fetching?

As for FasterFox, it would be nice to have site-specific settings, where 
I can say for a site, to use a particular speed setting.



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