[Fasterfox] Prefetching

Dirk Straka Dirk.Straka at GMX.de
Fri Dec 30 22:06:33 EST 2005


stumbled over this one today:


Results in a seemingly hanging Firefox (FasterFox reports 198.114s
to completely load the page).  Excluding "google" doesn't change
things, but prohibiting "tomsnetworking.de"[1] cures.  *wonder*
Even better, resp. more concrete:


BTW:  While waiting there is no network traffic at all.  Seems as
if we need an (additional?) timeout (for unreachable pages) ...?

Greets, Dirk - possibly a dupe of bug#12501?

P.S.:	What about the "end page" event?  Why does he try to
	prefetch anyway before the page is displayed completely?

[1] This was the only one which did not load at all when
     opening all links in tabs.  Surprisingly Firefox waits for
     five(!) minutes till it gives up trying if you open the
     URL in an own tab or window.
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                William Blake, nicely 200 years ago

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