[Fasterfox] I dont get it

Sbowzer sbowzer at adelphia.net
Thu Dec 29 00:20:56 EST 2005

After using FasterFox for about a month now, I finnaly uninstalled it. I 
got tired of watching the little counter count up to 10 secconds.... 30 
secconds... 60 secconds.... It makes Firefox run Slower, not faster, you 
guys got it all twisted around.

I mean, Internet Explorer is faster than FasterFox! Now that is a HUGE 
discrase to Firefox. Internet Explorer is suppost to be the old clunky 
browser. Either fix it, or just get rid of the fasterfox. Its not doing 
any good right now.

I Love Firefox, I want you guys to be better than Internet Explorer and 
shove it in their fat greasy faces down at Microsoft, prove that someone 
else can make a better web browser than everyone. I know Firefox is 
better than Internet Explorer, its just some people dont know that, you 
have to prove it. And its extensions like FasterFox that prove that 
Internet Explorer is better. I want lightning speed from you guys. There 
shouldnt even be a stupid counter on FasterFox, because Firefox should 
be faster than anything that can count.

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