[Fasterfox] Prefetching problem

Orhan ODABASI orhan_odabasi at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 21 18:55:39 EST 2005


I've been using FasterFox for sometime. I recently noticed the prefetching feature, and enabled
it. Since then,(I just figured out) Firefox started freezing randomly when opening links. The
links are apparently "prefetched" ones. Possibly, when you click a link in the process of being
prefetched, browser freezes until prefetching is completed. I noticed instances that after the
freeze, the complete page shows immediately. Disabling the feature, everything is back to normal.

I suppose this issue requires some attention. Prefetching could be a good feature, but it looks
like it is premature, yet. Lastly, a more detailed and explanatory configuration for prefetch
filters would be nice (prepopulated filter expressions for example) for ordinary users.

Anyway, thanks for the nice plugin.


SW. developer

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