[Fasterfox] FasterFox problems

Skiffy skiffyreader at fastmail.fm
Sat Dec 24 21:33:55 EST 2005


I thought that the older versions were great.

However, versions 1.0.1 and now 1.0.2 cannot display properly on my 
Windows XP SP2 system.

The "options" menu is cut off at the bottom, and hiding the taskbar does 
not fix this problem.

With the "options" menu cut off, there is no access to the "OK" button, 
so no settings can be changed.

Another problem:  On the page for Browser Cache Capacity, the boxes for 
Memory Cache and Disk Cache are just narrow slits instead of boxes.  The 
numbers in then cannot be read.

I had to roll back from 1.0.1 to 0.8 and now I see that 1.0.2 has the 
same problems.

I am sure you folks will be able to fix these glitches in an otherwise 
fine program.

Thank you.

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