[Fasterfox] hi problems on some sites

kapz nitrogen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 16:28:12 EST 2005

Could there be an option on fasterfox that will give a site information on
what type of presets the user has enabled.
As when 10-30 users who were on my forum this past week had their fasterfox
preset enabled to turbo charged and where prefetching the links on my board.
this caused:
1. my account being disabled on google adsense
2. mysql server to crash

How happened.
As users were prefetching links on the page it made the google bot think
that i was running bots to click the ads.

everytime a new registrant/guest/first time viewer views my board, the
systems ads a session magic_quote on every link to tell the system he/she is
logged in and to process it and also to tell the system where the user is.
as the prefetch link was on, it queried everylink with the session id with
it to be processes and it made aroun 500+ queries which then slowed down the

The session process only processes on first entry of the user.
if you enter http://forum.icefuzion.net most link will have &s=xxxxxxxxxxx
So i was wondering if you could declare some var in javascript with
information that would be useful so that i can shut down some queries if
only they are using turbo charged and prefetch url.

we are using sessions to minimize brute force, hacks, etc..
please understand my situation

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