[Fasterfox] who gains the most?

Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
Mon Dec 12 17:18:54 EST 2005

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the good question.

My intentions are to make both faster.  I originally optimized the settings
for my own 768k DSL connection on a pretty fast computer, and it works
wonders for me.

As soon as I published it, I got an overwhelming response from dialup users
on how much it has helped them.

At very least, Fasterfox allows you to tweak the settings so that they best
suit your machine.  You don't have to use a built in preset.  If you search
around the net, there are tons of guides on configuring these settings.

Here's a great article to start with:

I'd also be interested to hear your experiences, what kind of connection you
have, if the default settings help, and if you found settings that help


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Dear Sir, 
    my only question (which was deleted from the
fasterfox ratings) is who has the most to gain? The
guy with a slow computer (k6) and dial-up connection?
or the guy with a fast computer (P4) and a hi-speed
connection?  I ask this because you did not state
exactly what your intentions are? is it to make a slow
conection fast or a fast connections even faster. 
Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. 

jmgomez_f at yahoo.com

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