[Fasterfox] Localization

Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
Mon Dec 12 17:07:13 EST 2005

Hi Alain,

Thanks for the generous offer to help with translating Fasterfox.  It is
very much appreciated.

We actually do currently have a Dutch (nl-NL) locale.  The translator is
Liesbeth Duijndam (LiesbethDuijndamATwanadooDOTnl).  You might be able to
work together on future releases or bug fixes if you like.

You might also like to check out the Web Translation System here:

Thanks again,

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Hello developers of FasterFox,

Great product. Do you need someone to translate your extension into Dutch ?
If you're interested, and if there's nobody working on such a translation,
I would like to volunteer my services.

Kind regards,

Alain van der heiden

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