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chris bee dewdust.1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 19:24:49 EST 2005


Only recently started trying out FASTERFOX (on FF 1.5).
I was having a problem visualising the right half of the options window, 
but just installed v.1.0.1 and that fixed that :)

I did have things set to TURBO CHARGED, but now changed that to OPTIMIZED.
I have have a 1Mbps ADSL connection, but only a couple of GB of 
bandwidth per month. I try to keep an eye on bandwidth usage.
My question is: I see comments on the "FF add-ons page" about increased 
bandwidth usage on web servers - I assume that also means that MY 
bandwidth usage will be greater ? If so is this by 10 x as much/ twice 
as much ..? What kind of thing does it depend on ?
I'm sure you are very busy, but if you can spare any time just to write 
a couple of lines advising me I'd be very grateful.

Wish I knew more, but it's a gradual process :)

Keep up the good work.


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