[Fasterfox] RE: bug report for fasterfox 1.0

Tony Gentilcore tony.gentilcore at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 8 00:30:18 EST 2005


I totally agree with your first point.  This was an oversight on my part,
and I will release version 1.0.1 very soon with the ability to resize the
options window.

As far as your second point is concerned, I agree with you in theory.
Initially I placed the options in the "Tools>Options" menu because my logic,
like yours, was that it was easier for users to access.

However, there was a strong push-back from the Firefox developers on this
point.  Their design heuristic is that extension options belong in the
extension manager and that it is if all extensions were to overlay the
"Tools>Options" menu it would get very cluttered.  

For this reason, the decision was made to move it to the extension manager,
and unless I get an overwhelming amount of requests to move it back, it will
probably stay there.  If you are trouble shooting over the phone, perhaps
the easiest way for users to access them is to right click the page load
timer in the lower right corner of the screen and select the options from

Your thoughts?


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Well 0.8.1 was working great but 1.0 has issues sorry to report.

When using large fonts the dialog box for options is cut off and
cannot be resized
so many items on the right hand side cannot be seen.

This is a common problem for developers who don't test under large
fonts (120dpi)

Also a request to give us an option to put it back under tools->options.
It's alot easier to access/check and is more natural when assisting
people over the phone or online.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

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