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Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
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Thanks for the note.  It led me to find a hidden setting in Firefox that I
referred to as FastBack, which basically does what you describe.  The actual
full rendered pages are stored in memory.

Check out Fasterfox 1.0.0, make sure FastBack is enabled in the "Rendering"
tab, give it a whirl, and let me know what your impression is.

Thanks again,

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I think Firefox is pretty speedy already, but there is one specific 
point where it lags behind compared to opera: forth- and back-navigation 
through history.

The reason (just checked): Opera will show the next side in history as 
soon as OnMouseDown, while Firefox will not show it until OnMouseRelease.

Try to load 5 pages consecutively in one tab and then press the back 
button (got a spare one on my mouse for that) 5 times to get to the 
first page. You'll notice the difference between Firefox and Opera.


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