[Fasterfox] load time for each tab.

Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
Wed Dec 7 22:38:12 EST 2005

Hi Edward,

Yes, this would definitely be nice, and is a known bug right now.

Because of the way the events fire in Firefox, I don't know of a way to get
around this.  Basically an event is fired when a page begins loading, and
again when a page is finished loading.  But I don't know of a way to
distinguish which tab it came from.

If someone is able to help suggest a way around this, I will fix it ASAP.

Thanks again,

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Im using firefox 1.5 and the FasterFox Page Load Timer only shows the
load time of the last link I clicked, It would be nice if whenever I
clicked on a tab it showed the time it took to load that tab, also
some stats like advrage load time would be nice.

Keep up the good work
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