[Fasterfox] Re: All Preferences Should Be Customizeable

Adam Lau alaupub at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 12:33:55 EST 2005

I use 'Optimized' preset and would like '...Page Load Timer' unchecked, 'Disk Cache Capacity' set
to custom size and 'Submenu Delay' set to '0'. How to accomplish through Fasterfox interface? Do I
first set 'Custom' values, click 'OK', then click 'Optimized', click 'OK'? Or do the values reset
to 'Optimized' values (from previously set 'Custom') when 'Optimized' is selected? Or best to
manually set values through 'Custom'? Problem with that is that the preset values are unlisted.
What to do?

How is this to be resolved?
--- Adam Lau <alaupub at yahoo.com> wrote:

> There are times when I wish to decrease load to web servers with 'Courteous', yet bump my cache
> lower or higher depending on how graphics heavy the site may be. 
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