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Yoweigh yoweigh at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:09:32 EST 2005

Hello. New Fasterfox user here. I had a couple of ideas for ya that just
popped into my head after a few minutes of browsing:

a) an activity indicator of some kind
The first thing I noticed after installing, configuring, and using fasterfox
for the first time was that I had no idea what was being prefetched. It'd be
cool to have some kind of indication that a particular link had already been
loaded. Say, for example, the link color (or background color) could change,
a little indicator icon could pop up by the link, or something along those
lines. Taking this idea further, you could have some sort of indication of
the current progress of that particular prefech instance so the user would
know that a specific link was half done being prefetched and could read
another article first.

b) site profiles
Let's say I visit one particular site regularly, with regular browsing
patterns. A profile could be created (either manually or through automated
history tracking) for that site that would prefetch those links that I'm
most likely to visit first. Also along these lines, you could create some
generic site categories (picture gallery, slideshow, etc) that would enable
fasterfox to more accurately predict the next link to be clicked.

So, there's my input! Thanks for developing this stuff for us!

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