[Fasterfox] thank you and suggestion

Tony Gentilcore gentilac at slu.edu
Thu Dec 1 22:24:55 EST 2005


Firefox's default cache location may be changed by typing "about:config" in
the URL bar and changing the path of this setting (or adding it if its not


This tweak could be added to Fasterfox to make it easier to access, but I
want to make sure the demand is there first.  

Thanks for the suggestion and I'll keep it on the roadmap if I get similar


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Hello Tony,

First, thanks for the extension, it is definitely easier than
"about:config" for sure!!

A suggestion, just wondering if it's possible to have an option of
changing cache's location?  I thought it'd would be helpful if someone
has dedicated temp drive for even faster access.

Best regards,

--Lo   _-=~ ihlo6576 at gmail.com ~=-_

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