[Enigmail] Fedora + TB 3.0b2 + Enigmail 0.96a (2009-03-15)

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at mozilla-enigmail.org
Mon Apr 13 07:16:44 PDT 2009

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Remi Collet wrote:
> Le 15/03/2009 20:31, Ludwig Hügelschäfer a écrit :
>> Enigmail trunk is almost never translated fully. I'm confident that this
>> will be fixed for a enigmail release suitable for the upcoming TB3. I
>> think Patrick will call for translators when the rest of the code is
>> stable enough for a release, if needed.
> I think I perfectly understand how work such a OpenSource project.
>> And, as always with open source projects, patches are welcome :-)
> My goal is not to have a french (or other) translation complete (and I
> don't think I will be a good translator), it's to provide (as I'm used
> to do) a working package of enigmail "in all languages" for Fedora Users
> for most versions (from FC4) and most architectures (i386, x86_64, ppc
> and ppc64)
> So, I quickly write a small and dirty script which check each lang file
> (enigmail.dtd and enimail.properties) and add the missing strings (from
> then english reference file).
> The result is a working extension in all languages (well, of course with
> some english messages).
> The script is attached.
> Written in PHP (sorry, but that's the simplest language for me)
> And before building enigmail, I run :
> 	cd mailnews/extensions/enigmail
> 	for rep in $(cat lang/current-languages.txt)
> 	do
> 		dos2unix lang/$rep/enigmail.dtd
> 		dos2unix lang/$rep/enigmail.properties
> 		php enigmail-fixlang.php ui/locale/en-US lang/$rep
> 	done
> Hope it could help others.

Hi Remi

I finally found the time to test your script. It's really cool, I'll
integrate it into my nightly build script :-)

Thanks a lot,
- -Patrick

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