[Conkeror] bugfix: minibuffer history if match required

marting at gmx.ch marting at gmx.ch
Fri Oct 31 00:58:53 PDT 2008

Jeremy Maitin-Shepard <jeremy at jeremyms.com> writes:


> This patch does work because there is no guarantee that the match value
> that is returned to the caller is actually a suitable value for the user
> to have typed, since getting a value from the history is equivalent in
> terms of the completion system to the user having typed it.  In
> particular, the match value might not even be a string.  Notice that
> with this patch, if you use C-x b, pick something, and then open C-x b
> again, and look at the history, you'll see that [Object object] is
> listed, because with switch-to-buffer, the match value is the actual
> buffer itself, not a string.

Indeed, I wasn't aware of that problem. Is the buffer history the only
one not storing strings?

> I agree that what you want is a useful feature in some cases like when
> completing a URL, but I think it would require some change to the
> completion system in order for it to work.  Even then, it is not clear
> how to make it work with switch-to-buffer.

It wasn't so much in the case of urls that I thought it would be useful
since in this case auto completion already does what I want (namely it
has the effect that what is stored in the history is the url I ended up
visiting). It was actually in the case of the command history since
having entries like "cmd_" in the history didn't seem to me to be very
useful. Of course, a workaround to this would be to enable auto
completion for the command history as well -- but how to do this? It
seems like minibuffer_auto_complete_preferences is ignored in this
case. Is that right? And why?


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