[Conkeror] [PATCH] find-url with blank url reloads buffer.

David Kettler David.Kettler at dsto.defence.gov.au
Thu Oct 30 20:29:05 PDT 2008

> Thoughts?

I like it.

Something I never liked in firefox was that you couldn't be sure
whether something typed would be interpreted as a url, a mozilla
keyword or something to pass to a search engine.  And you couldn't
tell what keywords were defined.  That doesn't arise in conkeror
because the completion system gives feedback on how the string will be
interpreted.  So I think a default-webjump thing would work well.

I'm happy to put some effort into the easy version; it seems
straightforward enough, if I can figure out the validation part.  The
difficult version sounds very nice but it's beyond my current
knowledge and I won't be able to invest the time into it for a long
while.  Perhaps that can be left as a longer term goal.

regards, David.
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