[Conkeror] bugfix: minibuffer history if match required

marting at gmx.ch marting at gmx.ch
Sun Oct 5 12:49:41 PDT 2008


When exit_minibuffer is called and match_required is true, I think it
is better to add the match than to add the minibuffer text to the
minibuffer history. The following patch implements that.

diff --git a/modules/minibuffer-read.js b/modules/minibuffer-read.js
index e49cb01..6b9b212 100644
--- a/modules/minibuffer-read.js
+++ b/modules/minibuffer-read.js
@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@ function exit_minibuffer(window)
     if (s.history)
-        s.history.push(val);
+        s.history.push(s.match_required ? match : val);
         if (s.history.length > minibuffer_history_max_items)
             s.history.splice(0, s.history.length - minibuffer_history_max_items);


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