[Conkeror] Conkeror 0.17

Shawn Betts sabetts at vcn.bc.ca
Sat Feb 12 20:52:21 EST 2005

Hi Folks!

I'm proud to announce the first release we've had in a while. The big
feature of this release is Firefox support. That's right. It is
recommended you use Conkeror with Firefox. I will not be supporting
Mozilla anymore.

Changes include

* Hopefully the Meta key on OSX works (I'll test it on Monday)

* Improved numbered links. It now works much like the Hit-a-Hint

* Images are numbered too. When you select an image its location is
  copied onto the clipboard. See the manual for details.

* Link locations are printed in the minibuffer

Yet to fix

* the numbered links code is much slower now. I'd like to possibly run
  it in a seperate thread but how I would do that is still very
  vague, indeed.

* missing plugins and popups probably don't work too well.

* a download manager should probably be created that uses only the keyboard

* bookmarks don't seem to work. I don't know why. Until they do, take
  a look at http://del.icio.us.


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