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I have a quick question regarding Camino 2.1. Having translated all the 2.1 strings I was wondering, which version of Interface builder should we use for 2.1? Are this instructions still valid?

(excerpt from an e-mail that Smokey sent me a while ago)

We use the Interface Builder that ships with Xcode 2.x in the following situations:

1) Modifying (on Mac OS X 10.4) any nib that's performance-critical, particularly those in the startup path, e.g. MainMenu.nib, BrowserWindow.nib

2) Modifying any nib that uses the CaminoViewsPalette [http://cl10n.rwx.it/how-to/appleglot#attachments] (PageInfo.nib, ProgressDialog.nib)

We use IB 3.x in the following situation:

3) Modifying FindBarTextured.nib (which is used only on 10.5 and up)

For all the other nibs, everyone uses whatever IB is available.

Or are we going to use IB 3.x in the future?

Thanks for the answers.

Br, Jan

On 21.1.2011, at 8:29, Smokey Ardisson wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> In case you haven't seen yet, we released Camino 2.1 Alpha 1 yesterday! http://caminobrowser.org/blog/2011/#camino2.1a1
> If you haven't already started work on updating your translation for 2.1, please get started very soon.  We expect a fairly short cycle between Alpha 1 and Beta 1 (and localization freeze), and between Beta 1 and the final release.
> The bulk of the string and nib changes are already in place (in particular, the two big blocks of strings for the new certificate error page and the strings-moved-from-PrintPDE-.strings-and-.nib print UI).  Still to come, in terms of "large" changes, are auditing all of the Gecko strings for changes since Camino 2, and, perhaps, the ability to provide localized .dtd files--Stuart and I are going to try to implement the method we've been advised to use to allow us to provide localized .dtd files, which will allow localization of regular error pages, the missing plug-ins UI, about:config, and probably a few minor things I'm forgetting now.  There's no documentation for this method and it's still unclear if it will work, but we're going to try to implement it.
> As a reminder, Marcello made http://cl10n.rwx.it/node/137 to track string changes that we weren't sure the localization software would pick up or track correctly, so please double-check all of those.
> As always, please let us know if you have any questions or if you discover some unlocalizable UI, and thanks for all your hard work!
> Smokey
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