[Camino] Bookmark sidebar navigation

David Fedoruk david.fedoruk at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 11:18:01 EST 2004

Yeah! Someone else had said it! I primarily use a 15" iBook. There is
no place to open a Bookmark Manager without making the page I'm
viewing unviewable. I don't open the Bookmark Manger to use them as
links, for that I use the Menu. The Bookmark Manager is only opened
when I'm doing some pruning and re-organizing.

> "21 graphics monitor" I don't notice how much space a
> sidebar takes up but on the laptop it would suck and
> has... also on smaller desktop monitors it takes up a
> lot of real estate.
> thanks
> mark

There may be a solution down the road but right now the roadmap says
that we are working on fixeing the hundreds of known bugs so we can
declare Camino .9 Final. Lets get there before start making major
changes to the GUI.

The Penguin did it!!

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