[Camino] My Biting Review of Firefox

Marcello Testi cinemah at yahoo.it
Wed Dec 22 12:28:39 EST 2004

Il giorno 22/dic/04, alle 04:56, Mike Pinkerton ha scritto:

> Firefox extensions are really cool. Will they be in camino? No.

There's a hack on Mac OS X Hints, these days, allowing to install the 
Flashblock extension into Camino.
I haven't tried it, but since Flash performance is getting worse on 
every browser (I guess recent OS updates have touched something there, 
while Flash designers keep on publishing ads that suck), I think I'll 
try. Of course, it is supposed to break somewhere in time (real 
soon...), probably screwing the entire profile (backup!) and generally 
I don't like to hack the apps I use EVERY MINUTE, but it's nice to have 
a chance to try.


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