[Camino] My Biting Review of Firefox

Bill Blank bill501 at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 18 09:05:26 EST 2004

At 11:54 PM -0600 12/17/04, Will Oram wrote:
>Following all the recent fuss over Firefox,

Yeh I used Mosaic too and remember when Eudora was owned by the U of I

I prefer Camino over FF too, but for different reasons (speed - it is 
faster in X and Aqua style buttons). Most of the problems you had 
seem to me due to a lack of experience using FF and the Moz site. I 
use both depending what I am doing and use Bookit to sync bookmarks.

I still mostly use Safari for a couple of reasons. The built-in spell 
checker is necessary for me. And, since I am on a slow dial-up, links 
often time out. The URL is not placed in location field until contact 
is made to the server. So, if I time-out the URL is lost, esp if I 
have closed the source page.

The big thing missing from Camino is the developers toolbar which is 
available for Moz, FF and NS.


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