[Camino] Bookmark sidebar navigation

David Fedoruk david.fedoruk at gmail.com
Sat Dec 18 00:43:22 EST 2004

Thomas and anyone who's still curious:

> I'd be curious to hear the reasons?  What would the harm be in at least
> making it an option for users, which can be turned on/off via the 'View'
> panel. 

I *searched*  through the list archives to find the reason why:

I was not following this list at the time to the issue isn't all that
old to me (at least). The bookmark sidebar would essentially have to
work like a web page i.e. clicking on a link takes you to a web page.
Note a single click does this. Bookmarks need to be editable and
because they are editable they need to be also selectable by clicking
on them like you would on your desktop or in any folder. This produces
an inherent contradiction between an editable (and selectable) page
(like anything on your desktop) and a web page which is not editable.
So, the decision was made to avoid the contradiction and create the
bookmark manager which also  allows the addition of keywords and
address book integration. One of Camino's guiding principals is native
operating system integration.

This discussion goes back further than April of 2003 so you are really
going over old turf here. You should search the archives to see the
actual discussion as it took place along with the mock-ups of the
proposed interfaces.

> >> sidebar bookmark navigation.  For those of us with high resolution screens,
> >> we like to have our bookmarks all available in a nice sidebar similar to IE
> >> or Firefox.

Neither IE nor Firefox/Mozilla have native Mac GUI interfaces.
Outstanding (and logical) user interfaces have always been a hallmark
of the Macintosh platform and it seems that the Camino (or Chimera a
sit was then) dev team have been doing their best to create a truly
logical user interface.


The Penguin did it!!

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