[Camino] My Biting Review of Firefox

Stuart Morgan stuart.morgan at alumni.case.edu
Fri Dec 17 23:29:13 EST 2004

The biggest point you missed is that you aren't even close to the 
target market.  90-95% of people out there are using Windows, and the 
vast majority of those are using IE.  Because of that, this is 
primarily a Windows release, for exactly that reason, so the focus was 
not on making the OS X experience as good as it could be (although they 
are planning a later release to polish the OS X experience).  As 
someone pointed out in your comments, there are plenty of different 
code paths between each platform's build.  With limited time, which 
makes more sense: making IE importing easy, or Camino importing?  
Making the Windows install seamless, or making sure it doesn't launch 
twice on (only) the first OS X launch?  Crunch some market share 
numbers for platforms and browsers.

Your review isn't fair in several places.  You are blaming Firefox for 
the fact that theme designers don't have good web sites?  You tried one 
plugin and decided that plugins are useless?  Out of curiosity, how 
good are the theme sites for IE?  How easy are the plugins to install, 
and how useful are they?  How good are the cookie prefs in IE?  (Ask 
for each cookie is in Firefox by the way, it's just slightly 
confusingly in the "how long" popup since Firefox has "yes", "no", and 
"just for the session" instead of a toggle.)  How's the tabbed browsing 
and popup blocking in a standard IE install?  Which is more trouble: a 
Firefox pref that could confuse someone into not being able to install 
extensions (which is something of a power user feature), or IE's 
default selection of "please hose my computer when I visit random 

I definitely prefer Camino on OS X, but when I'm using Windows there 
isn't even a remote comparison between using IE and using Firefox.  
That's what the hype is about.  So either you haven't had to use IE on 
Windows in a very, very long time (in which case you are lucky), or you 
are deliberately missing the point.  If it's the latter, shame on you.  
If it's the former, spend an hour in Olin lab browsing with IE, and 
then Firefox, and then see what you think.


On Dec 17, 2004, at 9:54 PM, Will Oram wrote:

> Following all the recent fuss over Firefox, I decided to give it a 
> trial run. Now I wish I hadn't. It aggrevated me so much, I reviewed 
> it, which is something I've never done for software.
> http://spamguy.blog-city.com/read/964157.htm
> Have others had similar experiences?
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