[Camino] CFM build CPU useage

Simon Fraser smfr at smfr.org
Wed Dec 8 08:32:11 EST 2004

Are you still seeing these problems with the CFMessagePort build (not 
CFM btw, that's something else!).

If you could give it another try and report back if you continue to see 
problems, that would be good. It could be that the one time you tried 
it your machine was thrashing through lack if memory or something.


On Dec 3, 2004, at 5:59 pm, Mark Vaccaro wrote:

> I downloaded the newest CFM build a 2 days ago.. it worked great 
> multiply tabs and windows open and I could still navigate decent cpu 
> usage in especially after the page loaded the cpu would go down 
> rapidly to 6-35%. But now after awakening from sleep, just Yahoo Mail 
> slows it to the point that I lose my cursor and my CPU monitor hits 
> 99-100% which it hadn't done all day (actually, from when I downloaded 
> the build). I had to close and restart Camino so I could navigate. Now 
> it seems reasonable if not better.. getting very low cpu usage while I 
> stay at Mozilla page 2-11% with mail, cal. etc open. But still get 
> hi--80-90% when new page or tab opens???
> Weird!
> Mark

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