[Camino] Ad blocking in Camino?

Geoff Beier me at mollyandgeoff.com
Tue Dec 7 20:50:12 EST 2004

On Dec 7, 2004, at 10:29 AM, Bill Blank wrote:

> How can I block ads in Camino?
> The Adblock extension works well in Firefox, PithHelmet does so (more 
> clumsily) in Safari. What is there for Camino?
> This is most important for one with a 26.4 kbaus connection.
The Adblock extension will not really *block* ads. It just prevents 
their display, at least in the incarnation that's known to work with 
Camino. I've never used PithHelmet, so I don't know much about its 
behavior. If I were browsing on a 26.4 kbps connection, though, I'd 
want some truly industrial strength ad blocking. For that, though the 
setup may seem a bit daunting, I'd recommend using a proxy. Either 
install squid on your firewall with some good filters, or try the more 
customizable privoxy. It's free and available from 
http://www.privoxy.org/ . Configuring blocking actions requires some 
effort, but the payoff is there in saved bandwidth. You also have the 
benefit of having one ad blocker for any browser you might care to use, 
so you only have to determine what you care to block once.

Good luck.


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