[Camino] Ad blocking in Camino?

Roine Gustafsson roine at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Dec 7 18:21:01 EST 2004

I use the "userContent.css" trick. It involves creating a css file that 
overrides the display of content from known ad servers. With a good 
block file and with the built-in popup blocker, it blocks 99.6%.

There are templates all over the internet. Here's a start: 
<http://www.floppymoose.com/>. I'll mail mine to anyone who wants it.

The drawback is that the ads are actually loaded (but not displayed), 
which is bad if you're on dialup. But it also means the ad agencies 
actually *think* you watched their ads.

IMO surfing would be unbearable without this.


On Tuesday, Dec 7, 2004, at 16:29 Europe/Stockholm, Bill Blank wrote:

> How can I block ads in Camino?
> The Adblock extension works well in Firefox, PithHelmet does so (more 
> clumsily) in Safari. What is there for Camino?
> This is most important for one with a 26.4 kbaus connection.
> TIA,
> Bill
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