[Camino] CFM build CPU useage

Mark Vaccaro vmvaccaro at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 20:59:22 EST 2004

I downloaded the newest CFM build a 2 days ago.. it worked great 
multiply tabs and windows open and I could still navigate decent cpu 
usage in especially after the page loaded the cpu would go down rapidly 
to 6-35%. But now after awakening from sleep, just Yahoo Mail slows it 
to the point that I lose my cursor and my CPU monitor hits 99-100% 
which it hadn't done all day (actually, from when I downloaded the 
build). I had to close and restart Camino so I could navigate. Now it 
seems reasonable if not better.. getting very low cpu usage while I 
stay at Mozilla page 2-11% with mail, cal. etc open. But still get 
hi--80-90% when new page or tab opens???

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