[Camino] Fizzilla, CHBrowserView, Cocoazilla, Camino.....

Bill Blank bill501 at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 1 10:43:51 EST 2004

At 8:55 AM -0500 12/1/04, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>Now, I believe Camino uses cocoa for its chrome (duh! obviously) but 
>I'm not sure about form widgets.

One of the things I really like about Camino over the other Moz 
browsers is the rendering of buttons. Camino uses OS X style 3D, 
rounded glossy buttons and it even turns blue when clicked - all the 
others use flat, square Windows style buttons.

The main things I do NOT like about Camino are that it does not give 
me any control over image caching (I have FF set to 500 megs - cause 
I have a slow dialup connection) and it does not allow me to block 
some javascript behaviors (like resizing windows).


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