[Camino] Fizzilla, CHBrowserView, Cocoazilla, Camino.....

Andrew Thompson lordpixel at mac.com
Wed Dec 1 08:55:44 EST 2004

On Nov 30, 2004, at 11:12 PM, Noemi Millman wrote:

> - I'm still not clear on Cocoazilla -- what was the original project 
> goal?   I gather from what you wrote that CHBrowserView is just a 
> piece of the Cocoazilla project and still uses Carbon.  If 
> CHBrowserView were implemented entirely using Cocoa, what other parts 
> of Cocoazilla would remain?  Is it meant to be a fully native browser, 
> but using an XUL GUI drawn with Cocoa rather than a fully native GUI 
> like Camino uses or a Carbon/XUL GUI like Moz and FF currently have?

Firefox and the Mozilla suite are currently using Carbon and Quickdraw.
I believe the idea behind Cocoazilla would be to port the whole of XPFE 
to render using Quartz and/or Cocoa widgets.

One thing you should bear in mind is for historical reasons Mozilla has 
often had more than one widget set.
There's the chrome (URL bar, menus, toolbars dialogs) and then there's 
forms (ie, as in HTML <form> elements).
For various ugly reasons the two have been and probably still are 
rendered using different widget sets. It then becomes interesting to 
ask questions like "which technologies are used to render the form 
controls vs. the chrome".

Now, I believe Camino uses cocoa for its chrome (duh! obviously) but 
I'm not sure about form widgets.

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