[Camino] Fizzilla, CHBrowserView, Cocoazilla, Camino.....

Ludovic Hirlimann qa-mozilla at hirlimann.net
Wed Dec 1 07:03:17 EST 2004

Noemi Millman wrote:

> Thanks, Geoff.
> I guess much of this is irrelevant -- certainly to most end users.  
> The reason I'm asking about this stuff is that I've been tasked with 
> editing the Camino developer documentation, and I noticed that these 
> terms are thrown around but not explained in the existing 
> documentation.  I figure that a person building Camino for the first 
> time or trying to decide whether to get involved (or even just trying 
> to learn from the code) might want an introduction to the various pieces.
> I gather FizzillaCFM (and for the most part, FizzillaMach) is 
> essentially irrelevant to Camino at this point, but I've got a few 
> more questions about the rest, if you'll humor me:
> - Basically Mach-O vs. CFM/PEF is just a matter of different ways of 
> storing and linking to libraries?  Is this an issue separate from 
> Cocoa vs. Carbon, or is it a subset of the differences?
Yes. Yes and quickdraw is used for drawing.

> - The current Moz suite uses Carbon to draw both the chrome and the 
> rendered page?
quickdraw to drtaw and carbon for event handling

> - Is the Gecko code that CHBrowserView wraps essentially identical to 
> the Gecko code used for Moz/FireFox?  If not, what sort of differences 
> would new developer need to be aware of if they wanted to understand 
> Camino?
Yes. Without CHbrowser, no acess to gecko.


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