[Bookmarkpreviews] When Does Bookmark Previews Make Previews?

mozdev at toomuchsakeman.org mozdev at toomuchsakeman.org
Tue Sep 23 17:07:17 PDT 2008

But to clarify, it doesn't do any background scanning unless I tell it to 
start doing so with the Create Previews menu item in the Organize Bookmarks 
window. Correct?

I just want to make sure that it's not creating preview pages, and thus 
leaving traces of my bookmarked Monster and Dice job listings in my current 
company's Squid logs.

At 04:36 PM 9/23/2008, John Marshall wrote:
>Previews are created for #1 and if they don't exist #2 (but I plan on 
>adding a checkbox to recreate current previews)
>They are also created when you bookmark the site. You can disable an 
>option in the bookmark previews options window to stop it from creating 
>previews each time you visit a bookmarked site.
>On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 4:13 PM, 
><<mailto:mozdev at toomuchsakeman.org>mozdev at toomuchsakeman.org> wrote:
>1. When visiting sites?
>2. In the background only when I ask it to generate?
>3. In the background all the time? (I hope not...)
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