[Bookmarkpreviews] bugs in bookmarkpreviews

John Marshall johnm555 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 15:38:05 PDT 2008

Try downloading the newer version from http://bookmarkpreviews.mozdev.org
I just released it recently. It should fix the create previews issues. If
you want to clear the previews you can just uninstall the extension before
you install the new version. The half completed images might be because
javascript and other plugins are disabled in the batch process. They will be
fixed if you visit the page later(although you might not see it right away
in the sidebar or organizer because the images are cached). The mismatched
previews are also fixed by visiting them individually, but again, that
mismatch problem shouldn't happen in 0.7.4

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Julia Kostreva <juliakostreva at yahoo.com>

> Hi - I just downloaded this fantastic plug-in, but unfortunately found a
> few bugs.
> I pressed 'OK' to download images for all of my past bookmarks.
> - Nearly all of the preview images are wrong, many duplicated images.
> - Many of the preview images seemed to have taken the snapshot before the
> page was finished loading (many half-loaded images, some blank pages)
> I wish there was a "manually update preview image" or "retry" option that I
> could select when I right-click so that I could attempt to refresh the
> broken images.
> Hope to see an update soon, this is a great program concept. - AND the only
> one out there!
> Julia
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