[Bookmarkpreviews] a few major difficulties

John Marshall johnm555 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 14:56:34 PDT 2008

1) You should be able to drag the splitter near the bottom and shrink the
display. Another version of bookmark previews I'm working on will also have
previews in the tooltips of the bookmarks sidebar. Maybe that would be

2) This is probably because you have some bookmarked links with the news:
protocol or something similar. The next version will only try to create
previews for http: or https:

3) I haven't tested it much with the Flat BM Editing extension, but I
wouldn't think the details view would mess it up. I would understand if the
thumbnail view didn't work with it though. Firefox 3 has something like what
Flat BM Editing has built in, and both the details and thumbnails view work
with it.

4) Yea, I have had some problems with the create previews feature skipping
some previews it shouldn't. It does disable javascript and flash, so that
might account for why some previews aren't what they should be, but there
are still plenty that should be created and aren't. Those previews should,
however, still be created properly when you visit the website on your own.

> Installed the latest version today for a test run and was forced to
> disable it for these reasons:
> 1)   It takes up too much space in the bookmark window (coupled with BM
> Locate and flat BM editing).
> 2)   At the startup when auto adding previews I also had Thunderbird
> running.   Apparently it caused an attempt to open duplicate newsgroup
> subscriptions resulting in perhaps 10 instances of TB running (until I shut
> it down.)
> 3)   Apparently it disabled Flat BM Editing for the entries there did not
> pertain to the BM selected.  Although perhaps this was because it adding
> previews in the background.
> 4)   Ended up with very few previews, perhaps because I was working in the
> foreground?  Or it can't get through a thousand BM's?
> Miles Chapuis
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