[Bookmarkdd] Could you put an option to disable search in sidebar?

stiffux stiffux stiffux at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 26 11:15:07 EDT 2006

Hello Michèle,

There is an undocumented option already available to hide the menu list. You 
can find it in about:config --> bookmarkDD.searchMenuList.showItinSideBar
Put the value false and close-open bookmark's sidebar. The menu list will 

But is it a conflict or a duplicate feature ?

In next version 0.4.x it will be include in extension's option panel.

Take me informed !!

The menu list is also added in Bookmark manager but there is no option to 
disable it.



>I think this is a great extension!
>Since 4.0 there is a conflict with another extension called
>it has a similar search ability.
>Could you put an option to disable search in sidebar?

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Retrouvez tout en un clin d'oeil avec la barre d'outil MSN Search ! 

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