[Annozilla] Abbreviation of URIs

Constantin Christmann constantin.christmann at gmx.de
Wed Oct 17 00:48:59 PDT 2007


lately I installed the Anozilla PlugIn and read about the tecnical 
background in the documentation of the Annotea project.
Now I have a question about the abbreviation of URI which are submitted 
via HTTP GET to the annotation server.
In the Annotea documentation I read something about URIref, but I am not 
sure what that is and how it works.
The documentation says that the URI is abbreviated to "F2C75X5"... that 
looks like an impressive compression. Or am I getting things wrong here 
and the URI of the bookmark is submitted without compression and this is 
only an abbreviation used for clarity in the docs. I found this in 
http://www.w3.org/2003/07/Annotea/BookmarkSchema-20030707  - chapter 3.2 
Topic Resources

Thanks, I am looking forward to your responses!


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